Bridging the gap! We bring the source to you.

Choose from our artisanal range or design your own jewellery right here. Mined, cut and polished right here in South Africa.

Diamonds have always held value in more ways than one and starting your diamond journey with us can be both a financial and emotional investment. Invest in something that is worth handing down!

What is it about a diamond that you, me, and the rest of the world find so fascinating? Maybe it is the simple elegance, the cultural significance, or maybe just the bling factor? Whatever it is, diamonds are more than just a valuable shiny rock. They carry with them a rich history, each with its own unique story and identity.

Our core focus for many years has been within the diamond wholesale sector, where we ethically source extraordinary rough diamonds from all over Africa, polish them up and then sell them onto diamond dealers and jewellery retailers all over the world. The retailers in turn mark them up and sell them on to you; the consumer, the bride to be, the jewellery lover, the anniversary celebrator.

The first few months of 2020 have brought with it a set of unique challenges as the COVID 19 global pandemic caused a worldwide lockdown. It was during this trying period that we had the opportunity to reflect and with it gain some perspective on what diamonds mean to the world. We considered how truly accessible and affordable these remarkable treasures are to you, the consumer..

Then at the beginning of April 2020, the idea came to us, like a rough diamond that had just been stumbled upon. This idea needed to be sorted, cut, and polished and presented to the world; “Let us bridge the gap between our customer and the source”. By removing the middleman and shortening the overall journey of the diamond, we are able to offer an incredible product at the best possible value. With a simple click of a button, in the safety and comfort of your home you now have access to your perfect diamond jewellery.

We believe that this future-vision of consumerism, post-COVID 19 (TwentyPlus) is bright and beautiful. Industries all over the world will be changing and consumers will be shopping more intelligently.

With this change, we recognise the importance to evolve so that you, the diamond jewellery lover can continue to enjoy the sparkle. Out of this thinking, TwentyPlus was born.


Making a difference by giving back.

We believe in providing all of our customers with real value when purchasing their diamonds, whilst maintaining the long-established values of integrity, quality and personal service. It is with these same values that we recognise the importance of giving back to our African continent, the same land that provides us with these wonderful treasures. We aim to do so through our partnership with Innovation: Africa. They are a non-profit organisation that bring solar power, water and agricultural technologies to remote African villages and help to positively impact the lives of the local people.

20+ will donate 5% of all sales to Innovation Africa.
Since 2008, Innovation: Africa has completed over 300 solar and water installations bringing light, access to clean water, improved education, refrigeration for vaccines and medicines, and food security, impacting more than 2 million people in 10 African countries. To learn more about the amazing work that we are helping Innovation: Africa achieve, please visit their website.

“Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.”