The journey of a typical Diamond versus our diamond.

Choose from our artisanal range or design your own ring right here. Mined, cut and polished right here in South Africa.


Mined in Africa

Mined and ethically sourced in Africa.

Cut and polished in South Africa

Once mined, the new rough diamonds are transported to South Africa where they are sorted, cut and polished in-house.

Diamonds graded in South Africa

With no transport cost, the polished diamonds are then graded in laboratories, right here in South Africa.

Jewellery manufactured in South AfricA

We hand over our own beautifully polished and graded diamonds to our jewellery designers who create magnificent pieces for our customers.

Sold to you – our Loyal customers

The moment you choose that eternal stone, to be loved, admired, and passed down for generations to come. Through our e-commerce platform you have selected a luxurious stone that has come directly from the source.

Support us create jobs. Help us look after Africa


Mined in various countries all over the world.

Mining can take place in several countries around the world, including Russia, Australia and Canada to name a few.

Cut and polished in various different countries

After being sorted, the rough diamonds are transported to an alternative destination to be polished. 9 out of 10 diamonds are cut and polished in India.

Diamonds graded all over the world

The polished diamonds are then graded in various laboratories all over the world, including countries such as the U.S,
Hong Kong and Belgium.

Sold from manufacturers to dealers

The graded polished diamonds are now sold by the diamond cutters to dealers in either New York, Antwerp and Mumbai.

Sold by dealers to jewellery retailers

The diamonds are further transported to retailers all over the world.

Jewellery designed and manufactured in different countries

The retail jewellers send the newly acquired polished diamonds to jewellery factories around the world in order to manufacture jewellery pieces.


The well travelled diamonds have crossed many borders and changed many hands and now finally make their way to the customer.

Many middlemen. Frequent travel. Unnecessary mark-ups.